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INTRUDE: 7 giant inflatable nylon bunnies have intruded on downtown Houston this week


Seven giant inflatable nylon bunnies have intruded on downtown Houston this week thanks to Australian artist Amanda Parer. The free public art light instillation called #INTRUDE is part of a four-city national tour presented by Arts Brooksfield

While the bunnies are certainly cute and engaging, the purpose behind the glowing pieces is to raise awareness about how fragile our planet is. Rabbits were first introduced to Parer’s native country of Australia in 1788 by The First Fleet. They quickly multiplied and caused widespread destruction and imbalance to the country’s ecosystem. Her aim is to draw you in with their perceived innocence, then reveal the more important issues at hand.

INTRUDE Bunnies in DowntownWe stopped by to visit with the bunnies yesterday and the kids loved seeing these larger than life pieces. They were encouraged to treat the bunnies like real bunnies with light touching, petting, little kisses and gentle hugs. Though I had to be on the look out for my three year olds wanting to dive right in! They also got a quick history and conservation lesson out of the visit, which I take as an added bonus.

You can visit INTRUDE at 1600 Smith Street from 11am to 9pm through Saturday, May 14, 2016. During the evening hours, the bunnies are illuminated!

INTRUDEBunnies Invasion 

INTRUDE Bunnies Family 

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