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Review: The Museum of Fine Art’s Kusama: At the End of the Universe


A quick look at this colorful exhibit, on display through September 18th!

Every summer, the Museum of Fine Arts Houston seems to bring in a awesome exhibit that is perfect for expanding little one’s minds and introducing them to art.

This summer does not disappoint with the opening of Kusama: At the End of the Universe.   The exhibit is located at Cullinan Hall and is an interactive experience for all ages. While it includes a sculpture and a few of Kusama’s paintings, the highlight is the two infinity rooms:

Love Is Calling is a room with mirrors and glowing polka-dot tentacles that change color and are a true delight. While you are in the room, you’ll hear a poem in Japanese composed by artist Kusama. The translation for the poem is on the wall of the exhibit.

Aftermath of Obliteration is the second room and is a dark space except for the seemingly millions of floating lights. The whole effect was mystical and the kids kept saying “wow” over and over.

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Things to note:

  • The exhibition is free to MFAH members. If you are not a member, tickets are $18 for adults, even on free Thursdays. Children under the age of 12 are free.
  • They ask that you keep a one adult to two children ratio. If you are a parent like me with three kids, you’ll need an extra set of hands. Infants in carriers don’t count towards your three kid total.
  • This is a timed event, meaning when you get tickets you will be giving a specific entry time. You can line up 5 minutes prior to that entry time. We arrived to the museum at 10am and were given a 10:45 entry time. Others who arrived later than us were given 2 hour wait times! This may be due to the exhibit being new, but another option is to purchase tickets in advance for a future date to visit. You can’t do this online yet, but you can buy tickets on-site for future dates.
  • They let in small groups for a few minutes into each room. Great for once you are inside, but a lot of line-waiting for littles. It was worth it, but I did have to prep the kids on waiting patiently. Or as patiently as 3 year olds and a 6 year old wait. You get the idea.
  • The Aftermath of Obliteration of Eternity room does go completely black at one point. If you have children who are sensitive of the dark, be advised.
  • While they say you can bring a stroller, it would be tight in the rooms. I would suggest bringing a carrier for small ones.

Born in 1929, the artist Yayoi Kusama was on Time Magazine’s  2016 list of the “The 100 Most Influential People.” Kusama: At The End Of the Universe will be on display until September 18th, 2016.

Photos: Amanda Sorena

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