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Race as a Family at the 2016 Child Advocates Superhero 1K and 5K Run!


A year ago, a crazy thing happened, my husband decided he wanted to start racing in triathlons. He trained a ton and now has a fine collection of medals hanging in our bedroom from all of his efforts. The kids love to look at each one and talk about the race and I am happy he has become such a good role model for them in keeping active and trying hard things, even if they seem nuts (and some of them are).

I’m not much of a runner myself. I was on the track team in high school, but that was mostly so I could leave school early every Friday to drive to the meets. Anything to get out of the small town we lived in for a few hours! After dragging our kids around to a few of my husband’s races, I decided to try a few 5Ks myself. I wanted them to see that their mom was also capable of achieving some fitness goals and finishing something I set out to do. Running is still not my most favorite thing, but if the 5K has a twist like the Insane Inflatable 5k with bounce houses, a Color Fun Run or the Wicked Wine Run, then I am game. I am pretty sure there is some sort of 5k or 10k race happening every weekend in Houston.

After competing in her school’s Boosterthon run in kindergarten last year, our 6 year old started asking when she could race. There are a number of fantastic runs and tri races for little ones like the Houston Kids Triathlon, but she was not a strong enough swimmer yet. Then a friend told me about the Child Advocates Superhero 1K and 5K Run and I knew we had to sign up.

2016_shr_postcardHere’s why I liked it:

~There are 1k and 5k distances and it is family friendly
~Everyone is encouraged to dress up in their favorite superhero attire and there is a costume contest!
~The 5K race is a timed one, but people do walk and run it, so your 6 year old could try
~You have to register strollers for the 1k race, but not the 5k
~It’s something we can do together as a family
~I like the idea of doing active things together and showing our kids just how strong even little bodies can be
~There is food and other activities after the race
~The race starts at City Centre Plaza and goes through the beautiful Fonn Villas neighborhood. There is a great park there if you want to plan a picnic after the race.
~Best of all, it raises awareness and funds for the Child Advocates group, a non-profit devoted to connecting court appointed volunteers to children in need to break the vicious cycle of child abuse.

We all signed up for the 5K. My race-loving husband can attempt the 5k with a double stroller (always trying to up the difficult rating if he can) and I will walk/run with the 6 year old. She cannot wait to be in a real race and we cannot wait to experience it with her. She wants to know is she can write her number down her arm. Racer in the making, that one.

child-advocates-super-hero-run-hulksSign ups are still open. Registration is $25 for the 5k and $15 for the 1K.

Saturday, October 15th
8am -11am
City Centre, 800 Town & Country Boulevard, Houston, TX 77024
Sign up HERE!

super-hero-run-for-child-advocates-bat-manAbout Amanda:

She and her husband moved to Houston from California in 2009 and are now raising three freshly minted Texans. When she is not chasing around her elementary schooler and preschooler twins, Amanda freelances as a publicist and contributor to Mommy Nearest. She loves good food and the sound of silence. You can follow her on Twitter and Instagram @KismetSorena.

Originally posted on Big Kid, Small City.

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