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Monthly Archives: March, 2017

9 Struggles of Doing Whole30 as a Parent

I started seeing #Whole30 pop up in my Instagram feed a few years ago. I looked into it, but I’ll be honest, most of the friends who I saw taking on this … Continue reading

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30 Things Every Houston Family Has to Do This Spring

Spring, while brief in Texas, always sneaks up on us. Azaleas and bluebonnets are blooming, but only for a short time. And it’s one of those rare seasons when being outside in … Continue reading

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Where (and How) to Get the Best Bluebonnet Photos in 2017

There is a small patch of bluebonnets planted on a sidewalk near my parents’ home. When spring arrives in Houston, I keep an eye on that small garden and as … Continue reading

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6 Best Pools for Swim Classes In Houston

It’s spring in Texas. That means the weather is warming up, and we’re already anticipating the scorching heat of summer. We have frequented almost all of the best swimming pools in Houston over … Continue reading

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