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25 Free Things to Do This Summer in Houston

Summer time means lots of free time, which is a great thing until your kids are fighting, complaining of boredom and generally driving you crazy. Entertainment for a whole family? Also … Continue reading

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9 Things I Can’t Wait to Stop Doing Now That It’s Summer

My daughter has a week left of school. I counted. I counted not out of dread, but out of anticipation. Summer is my favorite season and not just because of the vacations, … Continue reading

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45 Must-Dos for Your Family’s Houston Summer Bucket List

Despite the fact that Houston gets miserably sticky and hot, I’m still a fan of summer. During the school year, scheduled activities fill up our calendar and all sense of flexibility and spontaneity … Continue reading

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35 Things Every Texan Kid Should Do Once

Texas is big. Really big. It’s home to 26.96 million people; it’s made of deserts and forests, beaches and mountains. It’s larger than several other countries and, in case you’ve forgotten, the … Continue reading

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