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You Have To Go Through It – Harvey Update


I visit the house nearly everyday. I’m not sure what I expect to find, but I go anyway. Its been a month and we’re in limbo waiting on answers from insurance, reviewing bids, finishing our contents list, gathering certifications that we’re still structurally sound and “dried” out. A lot is happening and nothing is happening all at the same time. Big choices still need to be made and it all moves slow.

Yet, I still find comfort in these walls. They’re broken, but not gone. I know that while it will never be the same, it’s not all lost. It can be put back together. I feel like my life has been a continuous lesson of not getting things in MY time, but In God’s time. I really, really want it my way, but when big stuff like this happens it a huge reminder that I’m not in control. There’s no amount of management that can stop rising water. I can’t negotiate my way out of this. We just have to navigate through together and trust that in the end we’ll all be better because of it.

Though, while you’re sitting in the middle of the broken house, it’s not easy. Even if I’m confident it will all work out one way or another (and most likely in a way I never imagined), it’s still a process. I’m reminded of the “We’re Going on a Bear Hunt,” kids song. During the song, the kiddos sing about trying to catch a bear, but they keep running into obstacles. Each time they are met with a challenge they proudly sing…Can’t go over it. Can’t go under it. Have to go through it.

Words also can’t express the the deep gratitude we feel toward everyone that has helped us reach this stabilizing place. I did a quick mental tally and I would venture to say we have been helped by at least 100 people. 

Miss Manners may frown on this highly informal public thank you, but this is for all of the friends, family, churches, teachers and strangers:

If you did a load of our laundry or took something to be dry cleaned -Thank you

If you hauled wet stuff out of our home – Thank you

If you sanitized toys/dishes/furniture/etc – Thank you

If you cut dry wall, hauled wet insulation, and ripped up floors- Thank you

If you watched our kids – Thank you

If you gave us shelter (this one is huge) – Thank you

If you helped us compile our contents list – Thank you

If you loaned us a fan- Thank you

If you shared your flooded/insurance wisdom with us – Thank you

If you brought us packing supplies – Thank you

If you provided us with recommendations for vendors and/or shared your experiences – Thank you

If you packed a box or the POD- Thank you

If you dismantled cabinets/furniture – Thank you

If you provided us with a meal – Thank you

If you donated/fundraised for flooded school or ordered off a teacher wish list – Thank you

If you spent time at helping teachers set up classrooms – Thank you

If you’re storing our things for us – Thank you

If you gave us clothes, books, toys, car seats, lice spray (it’s real y’all) – Thank you

If you called your contacts on our behalf to replace flooded things – Thank you

If you paid for our daughter to attend theater camp (you know who you are) – Thank you

If you’re a company who waived fees/memberships or flat out gave us scholarships and replacements no questions asked – Thank you

If you picked up supplies,tools,water, beer, wine for us – Thank you

If you invited us out to dinner or to a game for a break – Thank you

If you took over my president duties with my twins group to help flooded members – Thank you

If you sent us a gift card/gift/card/word of encouragement- Thank you

If you called, texted or told me you’re praying for us – Thank you

Like I said, the love we have been shown is unmeasurable.

From the bottom of our hearts. Thank you.


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