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6 Best Yoga Studios for Kids (and Parents) in Houston


Last week, our pre-schooler twins surprised me coming home from school, yelling, “Mom. Mom. MOM. M-O-M!!! We did ‘Transportation Yoga’ at school today, can I show you?” Confused and intrigued, I said yes. They then quickly ran through a number of moves—I recognized “sailboat” as triangle pose and “motorbike” as a lunge. They were ridiculously excited and genuinely eager to learn more as my husband and I took them through a few of the poses we know. “Cat” and “Cow,” complete with sound effects, made for some good belly laughs, though they did not seem impressed when I told them my favorite will forever be “Savasana.”

I admit, it has been a while, but I have always loved yoga. It hadn’t occurred to me that the kids might love yoga classes, too, not to mention how beneficial these classes can be to young bodies. Whether you are just getting back to class or looking for something the whole family can enjoy together, we’ve got you covered. Here are six places in Houston to take yoga, no matter what stage of parenthood you are in.

When you’ve just had a baby: Motherhood Center

Motherhood Center

3701 W Alabama St
Houston, TX

I practically lived at the Motherhood Center when I was pregnant with our oldest. Once she was born, I started taking her to the Mommy & Baby Yoga classes. It was great for me to be out of the house, make new mom friends, and spend time focusing on my body without feeling guilty because it was an activity we did together. Motherhood Center also has prenatal yoga classes.

Location: Upper Kirby

Class Details: Mommy & Baby Yoga class is a great blend of workout for you and some relaxation for baby. You’ll be taught poses to help you with the challenges of new motherhood, and you can involve baby or let her rest on a blanket beside you. The class ends with gentle baby yoga and massage!

Cost: If you sign up online, your first class is free. Otherwise, classes are $20 each or you can buy a 5, 10 or unlimited monthly class pack.

Where to take your toddler: Houston Public Library

Central Library – Jesse H. Jones Building

500 McKinney St.
Houston, TX

After you have graduated from Mommy & Baby yoga, your little one might be ready to try a few moves on their own. Many studios don’t offer classes for kids under the age of four, but the Houston Public Library has several branches that feature Toddler Yoga starting at just 18 months. The Heights Neighborhood branch also regularly offers baby yoga.

Location: Check your local branch calendar! Heights Neighborhood Library, Henington-Aleif Regional Library, Central Library and Robinson-Westchase Neighborhood Library are a few of the locations you can find Toddler Yoga on the schedule.

Class Details: HPL Toddler Yoga classes are centered on teaching children aged 18 to 36 months basic yoga moves as well as working on patience, strength and calmness. Class is typically around 30 minutes.

Cost: Free.

When your kid is ready for independent yoga classes: YogaOne

YogaOne Studios

3030 Travis St
Houston, TX

YogaOne is amazing! They have seven locations around Houston (including Kingwood and the Woodlands) offering 500 classes a week—talk about a powerhouse. The Pearland location even offers babysitting during one morning class Monday to Saturday, where your infants/children are taken care of while you get your flow on.

Locations: Bellaire, Midtown, Pearland, and Uptown currently offer weekly Kids Yoga classes. 

Class Details: Kids need to be at least four years old to take YogaOne Kids Yoga and parents must stay on site during their class. You can grab a class yourself or hang out in the lobby for your own version of zen.

Cost: There are various package offerings at YogaOne to meet your needs. If you are only interested in kid classes, they are $15 each or $60 for a package of 6.

When you want grown-up yoga + kids yoga…separately: Big Power Yoga

BIG Power Yoga

3115 Allen Pkwy
Houston, TX

Sometime you actually want to get a workout in. For that, you’ve got Big Power Yoga, which has Toddler Yoga and Kids’ Yoga classes scheduled to coincide with an adult yoga class so you can flow in peace. BIG Yoga also offers a Family Yoga class, kids yoga camps and yoga birthday parties.

Locations: Memorial and Montrose

Class details: All kids classes are divided by age (2-4, 3-7, and 7-12) and are super fun, involving games and even craft projects to keep little minds engaged in the yoga practice.

Cost: Kids drop-in classes are $15 ($20 for adults); if you are new to Big Power Yoga, get a month of kids yoga for just $30.

Where to do yoga as a family: Discovery Green

Discovery Green

1500 McKinney Street
Houston, TX

One of the things I love most about Discovery Green is their diverse offerings from music and movie nights to art installations –they do an amazing job of bringing in a wide variety of activities for the whole family. They have not one, but three weekly yoga classes.

Location: Discovery Green Downtown; Mondays 11:30am-12:30pm at the Anheuser-Busch Stage, Tuesdays 6:30–7:30pm on the Grace Event Lawn, Saturdays 9am-10am on the Sarofim Picnic Lawn.

Class Details: You’ll have to provide your own mat, but other than that, the yoga is free. Monday classes focus on traditional yoga and Tuesdays are Core Focuses with dynamic flow movements, and Saturdays are a Hatha based. The Monday classes are more suited for your whole family, but once you have perfected some of those moves give the others a try!

Cost: Free.

When your kid wants to dive deeper into yoga: Mud Flower

Mud Flower is all about teaching mindfulness as a tool for kids, teachers, schools and families, using yoga, meditation, breathwork and conversations. A big part of their mission is getting yoga into schools, but they do offer a number of workshops and camps throughout the year that a yoga-loving kid would enjoy.

Locations: Mud Flower goes to various locations for their workshops. Check online for details.

Class Details: Each workshop has a different theme and goal. They have hosted everything from mindfulness for STAAR tests to a yoga and circus camp.

Cost: Single workshops cost $40, but they do offer package details that can be split between siblings.

Main image: Fotolia/gorov
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