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I’m Exhausted From Pandemic School Choices and I Bet You Are Too

My friend shared a meme regarding school that hit a little too close to home. You know the scene, it’s from The Princess Bride where Vizzini is with Westley and trying to guess which … Continue reading

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25 Things to Do While Social Distancing in Houston This Summer

It’s official, with the delayed school start, summer just got a bit longer for Houstonians. As we enter month four (or is it five?) of our new COVID normal, it … Continue reading

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Covid Chronicles – Overthinking hydrangeas and effects of spending so much time at home together

Several years ago, I placed a hydrangea plant in our front yard. I love this flower for its purple hues and it was one of the most prominent flowers used … Continue reading

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To the New Homeschooling Mom, Give Yourself a Break

Just like every other home in America, we have suddenly become a one-room schoolhouse. Let me be clear. I have never had a desire to be a teacher, let alone … Continue reading

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I’m So Over Theme Days at My Kids’ School

A few months back, my kids celebrated their 50th day of school, and as such, students were encouraged to dress up in 1950s style dress. At face value, this is … Continue reading

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A Family-Friendly Guide to Houston’s Downtown Tunnels

Downtown Houston Tunnel System 909 Fannin St Houston, TX When we first moved to Houston and I visited downtown, I was shocked by the lack of people. I was used … Continue reading

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9 Behind-the-Scenes Tours for Families in Houston

When I was a kid, I remember watching a Sesame Street episode where they toured a Crayola factory and showed us how crayons were made. I was mesmerized looking at … Continue reading

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10 Houston Playgrounds with Awesome Climbing Structures

Why is it that from a young age, kids seem to want to climb to high places and give us premature grey hair? While I might not understand it, I … Continue reading

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Choo-Choo, All Aboard Houston’s Best Holiday Trains

Maybe it’s all those readings of The Polar Express, or maybe it’s the images of model trains chugging around a Christmas tree, but there is no denying that trains and … Continue reading

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6 Tree Lighting Ceremonies in Houston for Families

It’s the most sparkliest time of the year—or, at least, it’s time for all those lights and big Christmas trees to make their appearances around town. In a city the … Continue reading

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