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6 Hidden Benefits of Being a Twin Parent

q009lciy1nkcygrs6p8cI have a secret. Being a parent of twins comes with a ton of hidden benefits. I know, I know, it is hard to believe, but trust me! Just because we don’t always go around talking about the perks of being a twin parent, doesn’t mean they don’t exist. Whether we’re dodging nosy questions or multitasking like a pro, here are just a few of the things we master as moms of multiples.

No need to join a play group—they have each other

When you have one child, they are on you all the time. I should know. Before we had our twins, we had a singleton and I joined a few different play groups to work on getting that kid “socialized.” It is exhausting to be someone’s sole source of entertainment. With our twins, they always had each other and we never joined a group. Having a playmate who is your exact same age is magical. At nine months old, I remember them crawling around and entertaining each other with a game of peek-a-boo. Sure, they fight too and it’s by no means perfect, but it is amazing to see them giggle, invent and imagine together!

No need to get your “body back

Once your body has carried two human beings at the same time, there is no going back. Everyone thinks you look fantastic after they learn you gave birth to twins. Just don’t tell them it was three years ago. Now I do go to the gym, but it’s mostly for the childcare, obviously. I am under no illusions that things will be the same as before I grew people inside me.

You learn how to escape awkward conversations with strangers

When your twins are little you get a lot of attention. Most of our time at the grocery store was spent dodging strangers asking personal questions like, “Are they natural?” “Do twins run in your family?” and my personal favorite, “Oh, boy/girl twins! Are they identical?” (Just let that last one sink in for a moment.)

I got really good at avoiding eye contact with strangers. I also got snappier answering their myriad questions. For example: No, my children are not “natural,” they are robots. Twins run in the family now! And no, my boy/girl twins are not identical. One is a BOY and the other is a GIRL. Mostly I learned how to avoid having a conversation with someone I don’t know about how our kids were conceived.

Multitasking is my middle name

Once you have mastered the art of feeding two kids at the same time, putting two to bed at the same time, and generally doing everything with one hand, you’re ready to take on the world. You have to be more organized and efficient if you want to get anything accomplished. Want to get something done? Give it to a mom of multiples and she will figure it out.

You never need to worry about having nice things again

I remember when we bought our white cushion dinning room set pre-kids. We even got the extra stain resistant coating to “protect” them. Ha! As well intentioned as we were, those seats never stood a chance once the table became the unofficial craft corner. In addition to the marker, glitter and crayon on the seats, my son actually chewed on one of the arms when he was teething. Wolves. My children are wolves. Now that I know we will never have anything nice again, I’m saving us so much money!  ]We can redecorate when they all go off to college.

You get tougher skin

If you are a parent of multiples, then there is a chance you have endured fertility treatments, bed rest and even the occasional rude person that says they would rather “die” than have twins. Seriously. I’ve gotten much better at letting these comments bounce right off, and also at giving myself and others more grace.

Everything we went through to get here has made us a stronger family. I wouldn’t change a thing!

Photo credits: Fotolia/Yevhenii Kukulka

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